Get High-Quality Beef in or Around Spartanburg, SC

Our locally raised beef is a cut above the rest

When it comes to beef, how it's raised can make all the difference. At Upstate Beef in Spartanburg, SC, we make sure all of our wagyu and Limousin cattle are raised healthy and organically. This lets us provide lean cuts of locally raised beef at the highest standard.

We raise all of our cattle from start to finish. That means you'll always get a fresh farm flavor from our locally raised beef that you simply can't find in the supermarket. If you'd like to cook a dish that you won't forget, you can't go wrong with beef from our cattle farm.

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No need to travel. We'll bring the beef to you.

In addition to raising our cattle right in Spartanburg, we also make sure all of the processing is done locally. Our local meat processing standards ensure that your cuts are as fresh as possible.

We can even deliver our beef directly to you. Our beef delivery services cover a 120-mile radius. Plus, all of our deliveries are free, no matter where you are or how much beef you order.

Why buy from us?

At Upstate Beef, we love the work that we do. We're always happy to provide top-notch organic beef that you won't be able to get elsewhere.

You can trust our family owned and operated farm because we:

  • A lifetime of experience
  • Our cattle get top quality care
  • Make sure you always get lean and flavorful cuts
  • Process all our meat locally
  • Offer fair prices
Ready to taste the difference for yourself? Place an order for some of our locally raised beef today.